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Strategic Business Assessment and Planning
  Having a clear roadmap to success is key to arriving there.  Assessments and planning must take place both internally, with regard to operations, and externally, in terms of marketplace, competition and client alignment. ...more
  Process development is a key ingredient for growth and profitability.  Regular reviews of operational procedures are part of the formula for cost cutting, innovation, and product enhancement or development.  Continuous improvement will help you gain and retain clients and thus market share. ...more
Compliance/Risk Management
  We divide compliance into three categories:
  • Judicial – Requirements enforced by governing authorities.
  • Contractual – Requirements imposed by clients and other business relationships.
  • Operational – Requirements dictated by management.
Examining these elements and incorporating procedural solutions into your operational schema for monitoring, reporting and prioritization will enhance performance and help alleviate critical issues before they expose your organization to unnavigable risks. ...more
Relationship Management
  Clearly defining and managing relationships is an integral factor in maintaining client satisfaction and thus client retention.  These issues can become exponentially more complex for organizations with a number of different product lines, divisions or other compartmentalized structures. ...more
Policy & Management Reviews
  Are your operational policies aligned with your organizational objectives?  Does your entire organization respond collectively or are some parts less responsive than others?  How well can your organization execute a plan?  Are you forever knee-jerking to address the latest issue?

Policy and Management reviews can help make an entire organization more productive.  They often focus on upper management and are most successful when applied towards transparent team-oriented organizations. ...more

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