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Whether you have questions about your business or ours, please feel free to contact us. Initial consultations are free and must be scheduled.

2275 NW Upshur St.
Suite D
Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 503-241-7028
Toll Free: 888-677-6537
Email: ReidRichter@TerraStrategic.Com

Why Us?

We understand that choosing a consulting firm is neither an easy or a trivial decision. Our services menu represents our expertise and core competencies. We attribute much of our success to our ability to correlate large scope concepts with their atomic elements throughout and organization. Additionally, we have a terrific track record for anticipating the needs of our clients well into the future...and often before they do themselves.

Beyond that, here are some of the less quantitative characteristics we offer:

  • Besides excelling at what we do, we love doing it!
  • We believe that our compensation can only be correlated to the value you receive.
  • We speak fluent Executive, Client, Techno-geek and a few other elusive languages.
  • We want your business and are dedicated to maintaining long term relationships.
Industry Experience
  Our experience covers several industries. Different types and scopes of work have been applied to all different size companies. If we do not think we can assist you, we will try to find the right person or company that can.
  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Default
  • Real estate
  • Call centers
  • Subscription management
  • Fortune 500
  • Land & Title
  • Retail
  • Entertainment (ticket sales)
  • Gaming
  • Health Sciences
  • Restaurant
  • Media distribution
  • Merger & Acquisitions

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