Terra Strategic
Business Solutions and Executable Strategies

Though specific methodologies may vary based on the situation, the process of engagement will tend to remain consistent.  Below is an outline of our basic process.  We have posted it here to in an effort to begin our relationships with clear expectations, and as a foundation to helping us understand your goals as efficiently as possible.

  • The free initial consultation is designed to determine if we can offer value based on your needs and our core competencies.
  • If all parties believe there is the potential for mutual benefit, we will hold further discussions to learn about the scope of the work, clarify our objectives and establish mutually agreed-upon criteria for achieving success.  In some situations, a review of operational documentation may be required.
  • We retreat, think, investigate and explore the situation. 
  • Within an agreed-upon timeframe, we will generate an outline for a plan that addresses timeframes, resources, expenses, risks and milestones.
  • Upon agreement to engage in work, we will establish a detailed plan for execution and/or implementation. A method of reporting progress will be agreed upon, and regularly scheduled meetings will be held to maintain clear expectations for all stakeholders.

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